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Lenka Falušiová a Jiří Samek vybráni na Taiwanské bienále

Lenka Falušiová a Jiří Samek byli vybráni na Taiwanské bienále.

Taiwanské bienále pořádá The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, ta obdržela 1215 on-line přihlášek grafických listů z 82 zemí světa. Z celkového počtu prací bylo vybráno 173 děl do finálního výběru.


The 2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial, organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, has received a total of 1215 online applications from printmakers across 82 countries. 173 works have been selected in the preliminary selection, and will enter the final selection.

Introduction of the Biennial

Established in 1983, the “Taiwan International Print Biennial” (former “International Biennial Print Exhibit R.O.C.”) is one of the longest running international print exhibitions in the world today. The mission of the event is to promote international cultural exchange, and to strengthen the mutual understanding of artistic values between the East and the West. The exhibition also gathers up the crème de la crème of works created by printmakers from around the world, which in turn elevates the practices and standards of printmaking artistry in our own country. The cumulative effect of these decades of effort has garnered an enthusiastic response and support from international printmakers. The biennial event has not only contributed to Taiwanese printmaking creativity and practices, but has also attained a level of respect and affirmation as a main international event in printmaking art.